I'm Victoria and I'm glad to have you here. After I had my first baby I started to sew. I wanted to make beautiful things for her (and subsequently her sister), in the same way that my Grandma made beautiful things for me. 

Thimble End | A sustainable sewing blog

I believe that a life with craft is a necessity; an antidote to modern living and a welcome escape from life. I also believe in sustainable, ethical choices that look after both the environment and people and so Thimble End is my place to bring those things together.

I've been fortunate enough to write several tutorials for Love Sewing magazine, published both in the UK and Australia. I've written some tutorials for Minerva Crafts and William Gee and I have also worked with CICO Books and reviewed several of their craft titles. Most recently I collaborated with Lottie Dolls, doing an Instagram take-over and writing some blog posts for them.

I have also been interviewed and featured locally in Journal magazine and the Sutton Coldfield Observer.