Count Your Buttons Day (Yes, Really!)

As weird and wonderful holidays go, Count Your Buttons Day is right up there. I’m not sure how I came across it, but apparently 21st October is designated Count Your Buttons Day, so I had to mention it!

Count Your Buttons Day... yes, really!

A Jar of Buttons

When I was little, my Mom had a big jar that lived in the cupboard next to her sewing basket. It was full of buttons. Big ones, small ones, plastic ones, metal ones. You know when you sometimes get the spare buttons sewn onto care labels? That was the main source of buttons for the jar. Weirdly, I don’t recall her replacing buttons on many things, so I guess saving them all was a habit passed on from my Grandma. When I moved out, I also ended up with a smaller version of the button jar. Back then, there really was no point; I couldn’t sew on a button to save my life!

Count Your Buttons Day falls on 21st October ever year

Of course now that I do sew, I have quite the collection myself. I tend to buy interesting looking ones and put them away. I always have the intention of replacing them on things like my daughters’ ready to wear clothes, but I rarely remember to. Funnily enough, I don’t fancy getting them all out to count them today!

Button it!

I’ve rounded up a collection of button-related craft projects and more over on Pinterest. So if you do feel like celebrating this bizarre holiday, I’m sure you can find a way to!

If you’re interested in  the history of all things button-related, there’s more information than you could ever need here.

Phobia of Buttons

Did you know a phobia of buttons is called koumpounophobia? Apparently Steve Jobs had a phobia, or at least a strong aversion, to the button. This probably explains why Apple devices, such as the iPhone, are touchscreen. It may also explain why Jobs preferred to wear turtlenecks. Weird huh?

I wonder how many more strange sewing-related holiday days there are? I’m off to find out…


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