I wouldn’t usually blog about blogging, it’s a bit meta really, but I feel like I want to talk about what I want this blog to be going forwards. Blogtacular was almost a week ago and I honestly left with so many ideas that it’s taken that long for them to percolate. I feel the need for a new notebook coming on.

Blog planning

This week seems to have passed in a sleepy blur for me, I don’t know if it’s the effect of Blogtacular, the stress of going to London or the warmer weather. Or maybe that’s just life with kids!

So far I’ve had no real plan with this blog. It’s been a hobby. An amusement. I know that the number of people that are reading is slowly increasing, and that’s very flattering. I started a blog to document what I was making, but I’d like it to be more than that. I’m not saying I want to be a full time blogger, advertising stuff to you left and right, but I do want to write about more than the last dress I’ve sewn.

One of the workshops I went to last week was about finding your niche  and that really helped me to think about a direction for my writing, pulling together all of the things I’m passionate about.

Of course, the primary focus will always be sewing. Sewing is my main hobby and something I really am excited by and I still want to share that. I still want to blog about other creative things I get up to as well, like screen-printing and knitting, and everything else.

Did you read my blog post about reading Overdressed? If you didn’t, go check it out here. This book really is my catalyst for change.

I’ve been interested in environmental concerns for a number of years now, pretty much since I had children. I religiously read The Green Parent and I’ve made small changes to our lives to lessen our environmental impact. My children are fascinated by the natural world and long may that continue! It’s not something I’ve ever blogged about though, or particularly even spoken to people about.

Reading Overdressed, watching The True Cost (which I blog about soon) and doing all kinds of research in the past few weeks has made me realise that all of this actually does have a place here on this blog. Not only does it tie in with sewing and crafting, but it’s something I really want to share with you all.

Going forward I want this blog to be an interesting resource for environmentally-conscious sewists. I want to shout about the impact the textile and fashion industries have on the environment and on people. I want to tell you all about ethically-produced fabrics you can buy and also about sustainable clothing companies. I also want you to educate me and share what you’re doing! I don’t have all the answers as far as any of this goes, but I want to make it an interesting journey we can take together.



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