Going bananas 🍌

Back in the summer I made my second Lady Skater Dress (first here) and I thought it was about time it made its way onto the blog. Well sort of, because I don’t seem to have a full length photo. #bloggingproblems

I bought this fabric from Barry’s and, to be honest, I’m still undecided about it. I probably should have made pyjamas or maybe t-shirts for my daughters with it. I love the colours and the crazy design but I really feel like I stick out just a bit too much in it. Also, I’ve worn this dress about 4 times since I made it and the fabric has bobbled terribly. But then it was about £4.99 per metre, or maybe less, so what do I expect I guess?

It’s annoying that I’m not more in love with this version, as it’s such a perfect fit. Gah. I made it with three quarter length lengths; I think they’re a more flattering style on me. I also lengthened the skirt a couple of inches which is easy to do; again because it’s more flattering for me I think. Also I wear my pink version with leggings because I’m worried it’s too short, and I’d rather not wear leggings.

This dress is destined to be a wear it round the house kind of thing for lazy days. But that’s ok, at least it is wearable. This fabric has taught me a bit of a lesson really, and I need to think about whether a print really is suitable for what I’m intending to make from it. I do love crazy prints, but I think ones in darker colours work best for me. Fabrics like this are better for my girls. Sorry, banana dress.

Digging through my photos trying to find better ones of this dress, I found this photo from the summer. I like this photo 🙂

Nothing to do with sewing but we decided to make Fimo necklaces and this IS something I wear all of the time! Mine is the top one. I vaguely remember making some button shapes for another necklace, I wonder what I did with those? As next week is half term, we thought we’d spend most of the week doing crafty stuff so there may be some more Fimo jewellery on the horizon.


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