No more fabric!

It was my birthday last week, so of course when I had some birthday money my first thought was ooooh, fabric shopping! Then I remembered the fabric stash I already have that is a bit out of control and reined myself in. I don’t need more fabric. I need to tidy up.

I spent what felt like an eternity on Sunday going through all of the fabric I have stashed in various cupboards around the house. Even all of my buttons, zips and trims weren’t safe from this de-stash.

The only reason my hoard of sewing supplies has gotten out of control is because I’m easily distracted by shiny new projects. I buy patterns and supplies and then put them away. I get seduced by fabrics I see when I’m out and about (living in Birmingham, this happens a lot) and I think “ooh that’d be perfect for [insert pattern name here] even though I know I have other stuff to do first. Admit it, you do it too.

I know that a fair few sewists pride themselves on the size of their fabric stash and seem to spend every weekend buying more fabric. I don’t understand this mentality personally, especially when you never seem to see them sew anything with that fabric. Each to their own though.

My fabric stash now fits neatly into a drawer in my wardrobe (you know those IKEA ones, that are meant for shoes?). I kind of used the KonMari principles to deal with it all, does it spark joy and all that. But I also made a list of what I’m going to make with it to try to keep me on track. Well, except for a few small pieces that I still love but I figure I can use pieces like that for pockets or lining. I did use a small piece to make a little hoop to keep my pin collection under control (I’m all about the tidying up lately!):


I ended up with a small bin bag of scraps that will either go to my daughters’ school or to be recycled and then another bin bag of fabric I know I’ll never use that I’m donating to the charity shop, along with patterns I’ve been given that I’ll never use.

I do feel like I’ve unearthed my motivation for sewing again now, so yay! I’m going to start with a couple of quick projects this week and then I’ll be tackling the pile of WIPs I mentioned before.

I still have no idea what to spend my birthday money on though!


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