She wore blue velvet…

It’s almost the end of the week, the sun is shining and I feel like I’ve been crushing my to do list this week. Boom! 💥

So, a World Book Day update… I, ahem I mean my girls, didn’t win a prize for best costume because school apparently decided against prizes this year. Whaaaat?! Still, they loved their outfits and that really is the point.

In other news, I still haven’t finished that scarf. I decided that although I love the mustard colour of the yarn I was using, I hated the feel of it on the needles. I bought some navy blue yarn instead and I’ve started again. Honestly, by the time I’m done with it, it’ll be autumn again, but I kind of like the slowness of knitting. (In my case, I mean my Grandma could knit at an amazing speed!)

Remember I said I was going to get my WIP pile down? I’ve finally finished something I started in December! I decided back in November I think that I wanted to sew a crushed velvet Lady Skater Dress for Christmas Day. In December I had few health issues going on and lost all motivation when all I needed to do to finish it was the side seams and the hem.

Yesterday I dug it back out and finished it and I feel so much better for doing it. It’s one thing achieved from my list and I have something new to wear. It may not be as seasonally appropriate as it would have been in the winter, but I’ll still wear it.

Crushed velvet Lady Skater Dress? Hell yes!

I was pulling a face in this photo, so it had to be cropped out! I’m quite pleased that the colour is ok in these photos, usually when I try to take photos of any dark blue, it looks black. I guess this isn’t as dark as navy blue though.

The construction of this was a cinch, as usual and sewing with this crushed velvet didn’t really make any difference. I used my regular machine (I don’t have an overlocker) with the normal foot and I used clips instead of pins just because I prefer them. The fabric is stretchier than the jersey Skater Dresses I’ve sewn, and I should have taken that into account, but it just means it’s really comfortable no matter how much I eat!

A daft photo, but I like how it flares out when I spin around!

I’m no natural at having my picture taken am I?! This is why I crop my head out of most pictures, I’m always pulling a weird face.

So there you go, my third Lady Skater Dress and definitely not my last. I’m really loving stretchy jersey things at the moment. They’re so much quicker to sew and I don’t think you have to be so accurate with adjustments like you do with a woven garment. Plus, I’m trying really hard to get fit at the moment (karate is such a good workout!) so at least jersey stuff will look ok if I do lose any weight.


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