So, it’s been a while…

Well it’s been an embarrassingly long time since my last blog post.. ahem June. The last few months have really whizzed past and, Ill be honest, there hasn’t been a massive amount of sewing! I have got a few unblogged projects to share though, although if you follow me on Instagram you’ll no doubt have seen them by now.

New Look 6217 Thimble End

It’s mid-way through November and I’ve realised that I’ve totally failed on all sewing goals this year. So how’s that Vintage Pledge going? Er, I didn’t get started. Winter coat? Nope. Lots of handmade clothes using all the patterns I’ve bought this year? Er… stop asking me questions!

Thimble End PDF pattern Megan Nielsen Kelly Skirt IKEA scissors

I’ll admit, it’s put me in a bit of funk but it has taught me one thing: stop setting myself goals that I’m likely to fail at. Oh and stop being so hard on myself when I fail to reach the goals I’ve pointlessly set. I feel like this year particularly I’ve gotten so caught up in what other people are sewing and what their output is that I’m a failure if I don’t keep up. This is obviously ridiculous. A hobby shouldn’t be making me feel bad! So going forward I’m just going to sew when I feel like it and that will make me a lot happier. I’m not setting any goals for making certain things and I’m not going to feel like I should buy stuff (fabric, patterns, etc.) because it feels like everyone else is. That sounded more negative than I meant it to, but hopefully you know what I mean; I want to love sewing again!

Something that is making me happy this month is Bimble and Pimble’s Sewvember (#bpsewvember) on Instagram. It’s been really nice to look back through past sewing projects to find photos for each prompt and, as always, I love seeing everyone else’s photos and finding new people to follow on Instagram. If you’re taking part, let me know your IG handle 🙂


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