Run, run as fast you can…

World Book Day is upon us again! Which is of course means sewing some fancy dress…

Last year, Eleanor went as Sophie from The Tiger Who Came To Tea and won first place.  I admit I was pretty pleased! I couldn’t not make her something this year too.

As always seems to be the case, Phoebe is wearing something her sister has grown out of. I will definitely have to sew something for her soon, so that she doesn’t always feel like she’s in hand me downs. Anyway, Phoebe is going as Little Red Riding Hood, wearing the cape I made for Love Sewing Magazine forever ago:

This year school have decided on a theme of traditional and fairy stories, I suspect in a bid to limit the number of Elsa and Darth Vaders. Eleanor asked to be the Gingerbread Man which I thought was a good idea. My initial thought was to get her some brown leggings and top and sew ric rac and buttons on them.

During half term I had a much-needed day out fabric shopping and spotted some brown velour on the £2 per metre table in Barry’s. Boom! An idea was born. I decided to get a metre of it and make her a Skater Dress, adding some pink ric rac and buttons. Incidentally if you do sew for little ones, I’d absolutely recommend the Kitschycoo Skater Dress pattern, it’s great, but I’ll blog about my love for it another time.

It didn’t take too long to sew the dress together. I made her the age 5-6 size. For reference, Eleanor is 5, and has long legs and a small waist (buying leggings for her is a nightmare!), but as this is for fancy dress I wasn’t too concerned about a perfect fit. As it turns out it’s fairly forgiving around the waist, the length of the skirt is fine and the sleeves are a touch long. So it’ll last a while at least.

Sewing the ric rac on took a while. I tried using my Sewline glue pen to hold it on whilst sewing, but it wasn’t working so I ended up having to put loads on pins in as it kept shifting about on the velour. The girls were both fairly impressed with the “icing” when I’d finished though.

Annoyingly the buttons have ended up a bit wonky, and I’m in two minds whether to take them off and move them. It’ll only bug me though, so is there any point? Aren’t these buttons fab? They were a freebie from Mollie Makes ages ago. I think they look a bit like sweets. I do wish I hadn’t been stupid and sewed them on before the ric rac though. Duh.

I’m pleased with the finished dress and, more importantly, so is Eleanor. She looks like a great little Gingerbread Girl! Next thing to think about is Easter bonnets.


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