Simplicity 1325: A Turtleneck Top

Hacking Simplicity 1325 into a Turtleneck

After I made my striped maxi dress, I still had a fair bit of fabric left. I’d overestimated how much I needed so that I didn’t run out! I looked at my #2018MakeNine choices and decided to make the top from Simplicity 1325. After I’d made my recent 60s-inspired Coco, I felt like there was a turtleneck-shaped hole in my wardrobe. I realised that a black and taupe striped turtle neck would go with so many things I’ve already got and would be great for layering. Sustainable sewing at its best I think; using leftover fabric to make something that will definitely get 30 wears or more.

The Pattern

Simplicity 1325* is a rare pattern in that I’d actually wear it exactly how it’s styled on the envelope! I’ve kind of made the top before so I knew it was a quick and easy sew. Perfect for a spare hour or so. Plus I’d already got it all traced out which made it even quicker too. As I wanted a turtleneck version, I made the neckline at the front higher (but not as high as the back). Then I traced out the neckband twice as wide as I wanted it to be.

The Fabric

What would you make with this fabric?

The fabric is leftover from my maxi dress. It’s a textured jersey (but doesn’t have lots of stretch) with black and taupe stripes. It was from Fabrics Galore, but it’s out of stock now.

The Sewing

This is the third thing I managed to sew over the Christmas/New Year break and it was another easy sew. To be honest, any knit items are because they’re easier to fit and often have no darts or fastenings to fiddle with. This came together in about an hour, even with my neckband modification.

How I added a turtleneck to a long sleeved top pattern...

There might be better ways to sew a turtleneck, but frankly, this worked ok so I don’t care! I basically used the method in the instructions but I just made my neckband wider. The neckband gets folded in half before it’s sewn, so I made sure I made it twice as wide as I wanted it to be. Easy.

The Result

Hacked Simplicity 1325 top

I’m really happy with result, it looks exactly like I thought it would in my head. It’s a little tight across the top of my arms, but still totally wearable. I’m so happy that I’ve made a start on my capsule wardrobe and started with a garment that will go with everything. I’ve already worn it under a black skater dress and with a green faux leather skirt. It also looks good underneath the Star Wars t-shirt I had for Christmas!

Hacked! Simplicity 1325 into a turtleneck!

I had intended to take a photo of me wearing this, but it’s been too dark and gloomy. I will put one up on Instagram at some point though!


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