The One Where I Visit Goldhawk Road and Buy Nothing

Goldhawk Road Here We Come!

A few weeks ago we booked a couple of days away in London as Andy had a meeting to go to. I figured the girls and I  could tag along and I could take them to the Natural History Museum. They do love their dinosaurs. I also thought it might be chance for me to have a look at the infamous Goldhawk Road.

 photo C43244FC-522E-4DD5-A16E-99AF9F1A112F_zpsywywc4fa.jpg

I find London a pretty stressful place; I’m not sure why because when I was younger it was my favourite place to visit. I’m so over the rudeness I always find there though. This visit was stressful from beginning to (abrupt) end. We got into London the day before Andy’s meeting, and decided we’d visit Goldhawk Road, go to the NHM and then check into our apartment hotel before dinner. The best laid plans and all that… Our trip was completely ruined by the hotel we’d booked. I won’t go into it as I already wrote an essay on Instagram, but it ended up not being a nice couple of days away as planned!

High Hopes

Oh how I had high hopes for Goldhawk Road. So many sewing bloggers and instagrammers praise Goldhawk Road for its awesome fabric selection at crazy low prices. I armed myself with a list of things I needed, mostly for my #vintagepledge garments and hit the shops.

 photo F01F6C6D-647F-4FEB-9679-801966CD37A8_zpsn6pjmmso.jpg

It’s Better in Brum

Spoiler alert in my blog post title there, but I bought nothing. I’ll concede that trying to do fabric shopping with a two and four year old is not ideal, but for the most part they were deposited in Costa with Andy. The shops were bigger than they appeared from the outside, and certainly well-stocked but I honestly didn’t find anything that grabbed that I hadn’t already seen in Birmingham. The prices were very similar too. I guess maybe some sellers are open to a bit of haggling, but that’s really not my style. I decided I was better off popping into Brum and having a good look around the Rag Market, Barry’s and the Fancy Silk Store instead.

 photo BA2902B5-D486-49E3-A774-49734D82D4E6_zpslomnszqc.jpg

We did have a lovely time at the Natural History Museum though, and the girls loved the Tube. It was beautifully sunny too, if a little chilly.

 photo B95E2199-6447-4DAA-8FC1-CDF27CCD6CD9_zps8nlgcwvs.jpg

Plus, it’s not an entirely bad day when you have a dessert that looks like this.

 photo 7B8EB149-6BA2-4070-B9CA-CB6369A7B553_zpszhf0xpmp.jpg

So Goldhawk Road might have been a little disappointing for me, but excitingly I do have a few things to look forward to. On Monday I’m going to CHSI at the NEC for a Blogger’s Breakfast and then a look around the show. It looks as though there’ll be some great exhibitors. March is looking busy too: 11-13th March I’ve been invited to Cambridge by Etsy UK for their Captains’ Summit as I’m a team leader; and the weekend after that is the Sewing for Pleasure Show at the NEC. Hopefully around all of that I’ll manage to get some sewing done and catch up with my Mood Scarf! I’ve also got two dresses to make for my girls as well.



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